Shared Mail

The Challenge

3 Day Blinds, a 43 year old, rapidly growing window treatment company with a presence in over 30 states, was looking for ways to expand marketing channels but required the ability to make data driven decisions quickly to respond to changing needs by market.

The Solution

The benefits of shared mail, print, and alternative media are that we can geographically target to hit consumers in key markets.  We took a multi-faceted approach to help 3 Day Blinds accomplish their goals.

  1. Implemented our efficiency focused buying strategy to negotiate rates.
  2. Applied demographic data overlays to target high value customers.
  3. Optimized creative through rigorous testing to balance brand guidelines with direct-response best practices.
  4. Accurately tracked results via variable 800 numbers and unique URLs.
  5. Built out a network of niche publications in local markets to reach valuable customers by market and even neighborhood.

The Results

  • Consistently surpassed 3 Day Blinds marketing objectives every year for 8 years and counting.
  • Support continuous expansion into new markets and new publications.
  • 3 Day Blinds continues to expand with Incremental Media through testing creative, expanding to new markets, and exploring new media opportunities such as podcasts.

" Working with Incremental Media has been both enjoyable and profitable. They have helped us navigate the often complex alternative media channel with ease and patience. " 

Dan Williams — Chief Revenue Officer

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