Retargeting Postcards

Retargeting offline is exponentially more responsive than retargeting online. If you've got high web traffic or phone call volume, this program is a no-brainer.

What Is It?

Reverse lookup of addresses for anonymous web browsers to mail postcards the next day to highly responsive prospects who did not convert.

“ When I first heard about the concept I knew it was a no-brainer but once I saw the results, I was blown away.  Out of all my marketing efforts, this is by far the most profitable spend targeted at new customer acquisition. Incremental Media makes this an easy turnkey solution that anyone with significant web traffic should be doing. ”

Jason McKinney
Chief Revenue Officer, MDHearingAid

The Secret Sauce

We work with data scientists to model your site browsing data, using factors like number of page views, time spent on site, and traffic source, so you only mail the most qualified prospects who are the closest to converting.  

We also constantly test to see how deep into the model you can go while still hitting your performance goals so you don’t only hit goals, but hit goals at scale.

Types Of Inserts

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Tracking Results

Via phone numbers, variable URLs, promo codes, QR codes, and order/lead ID’s.

Phone & Email Retargeting Postcards

Just like we can match anonymous web browsers to a mailing address, we can do the same thing for inbound phone calls or email lists that don’t convert.

If you’ve got customers on the one-yard line and you want to get them over the finish line, there’s no better way than a retargeting postcard.  

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