The channel is growing rapidly, but how do you know which of the millions of podcasts are right for your brand?

What Is It?

Incremental Media specializes in host-endorsed podcast advertising, including sending samples to hosts when applicable, so the hosts can speak authentically about your brand. That’s why we pay for a 60 second ad but, on average, our approach generates a 2-3 minute ad endorsement.

" We were looking for a channel to help communicate our unique value proposition and felt like we’d exhausted search and social. Incremental Media has shown us the power of podcasts and how their direct involvement working with hosts makes all the difference for our business. "

Rich Ransom
President & CEO, Reliefband

Competitive Intelligence

We combine our own internal database with third party sources to find the right few dozen podcasts that are best for you against the millions of podcasts in the marketplace. We can see where your competitive set is running, how often they are renewing their ad buys on specific podcasts, and the renewal rate of the advertisers on those podcasts to ensure we select the right podcasts for your brand.


We partner with the most innovative measurement companies so you can have a clear understanding (outside of promo codes and post-purchase surveys) which consumers listen to podcasts, come to your site, and convert.

Types Of Inserts

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10x Lift In Conversions

Speaking of conversion, a recent Claritas study found that while non-podcast media channels typically result in a 2.6% lift in overall conversions — with common channels such as digital display at a 1.1% lift and linear TV at 3.1% — podcast channels drove a whopping 34% average lift.  In other words, podcasts truly are new consumers who you aren’t reaching in other channels.


They avoid ads elsewhere but actually like podcast ads! Podcasts add value to people's lives. Be a part of a media channel that legitimately does something valuable for people.  Not just follows them around social media...

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