Shared Mail

We buy billions of circulation in shared mail each year. From co-op mailings to FSIs to everything in-between, want us to show you how it’s done?

What is it?

Shared Mail is exactly as it sounds, sharing the cost of sending mail to a household. You can reach mass audiences at extremely low, single digit CPMs and target by geography, age, income, home ownership and various psychographics.

" Working with Incremental Media has been both enjoyable and profitable. They have helped us navigate the often complex alternative media channel with ease and patience."

Dan Williams
Chief Revenue Officer, 3 Day Blinds

Types Of Inserts

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Types of Shared Mail

Co-Op Mailings – An insert in an envelope either covering a geographic area or a group of similar consumers like new homeowners, new moms, or urban professionals.   

Outer Wraps – An ad that “wraps” around other inserts and provides a large page format for promoting your offer.

Magazine Formats – An on-page ad can also carry your offer in promotional magazines mailed directly to the home.

Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) – These ads typically appear in the Sunday Coupon section of the newspaper. Remnant opportunities provide the ability to reach over 50 million consumers weekly.

Why It Works

We purchase billions of circulation annually. Because of our huge volume and negotiating power, we receive low, single digit CPMs for a large format ad. Deep relationships with our partners allows us to be a last stop before they go to press… often getting deals very few other companies in the industry can get.

IM overlays a wide variety of geographic, demographic, and psychographic indexes that allow you to select markets that are most likely to respond. 

Since it reaches the masses, it’s best for brands with broad appeal and brands who can include an enticing offer.   

We know which publications work the best to provide success right out of the gate. Curious how to test and scale shared mail the right way? Contact us!

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