The Challenge

Reliefband, an anti-nausea device that helps relieve nausea caused by motion sickness, anxiety, migraines, and more, felt like with rising rates on Google and Facebook there wasn’t much room for growth.  They came to Incremental Media looking for a new channel to reach their nausea-conscious audience.

Our Solution

Incremental Media looked to podcast advertising to bring an authenticity to Reliefband.  We found hosts who personally deal with nausea and were open to trying out the product.  Suddenly a huge hurdle Reliefband always dealt with, the believability that a band could actually radically improve your nausea, was removed from the equation.

Hosts speak for well beyond their allotted 60 second ad, often for 2-3+ minutes, about how much Reliefband has helped them through everything from their leukemia to a rocky boat ride to an Uber in stop and start traffic.

The Results

" We were looking for a channel to help communicate our unique value proposition and felt like we’d exhausted search and social. Incremental Media has shown us the power of podcasts and how their direct involvement working with hosts makes all the difference for our business. "

Rich Ransom — Founder & CEO

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