Diversify Your
Media Mix

Our collection of resources outlining how to test and scale Incremental Media’s niche channels.

The State of Shared Mail: Can it still work?

It can… if you know how to do it right.

Shared Mail
Want to insert other brands into your packages? Here's how.

Inserts are a great, relatively low-lift way to drive incremental revenue.

What are package inserts and how do they differ from direct mail?

Both are forms of offline marketing, but they differ in many ways, from cost to targeting to creative format.

The top 10 things I've learned about podcast advertising

It's as unique of a media channel as there is in advertising, but if you put in the time and effort it can be a powerful channel.


What Our Customers Say

I absolutely love Incremental Media. First of all, Dave is one of the nicest people in the direct marketing world. Second, he’s one of the smartest. Third, he has a truly expert team. It all adds up to a wonderful company that has lived up to its name by generating significant incremental revenue for us.

Katie Williams
President, Ideal Living

Initially we reached out to Incremental Media due to their reputation in the insert media space. Over time the IM team worked tirelessly to expand our lead volume 3x through numerous media channels. Today we consider Incremental Media more than a media buyer, but rather a partner for our business.

Jason McKinney
Chief Revenue Officer, MDHearingAid

Working with Incremental Media has been both enjoyable and profitable. They have helped us navigate the often complex alternative media channel with ease and patience.

Dan Williams
Chief Revenue Officer, 3 Day Blinds

We were looking for a channel to help communicate our unique value proposition and felt like we’d exhausted search and social. Incremental Media has shown us the power of podcasts and how their direct involvement working with hosts makes all the difference for our business.

Rich Ransom
President & CEO, Reliefband

We tested insert media with several agencies and Incremental Media was the winner hands down. Not only that, they have a great team and are a pleasure to work with.

George Fettig
Chief Marketing Officer, Euro-Pro

Working with the entire Incremental Media team has been a great experience. They provide turnkey services handling creative development, reporting, and media buying, so we can expand our reach and yet stay focused on our core business. The “incremental” orders that Incremental Media delivers allow us to further leverage our TV media.

Joe Crowley
VP Marketing, Total Gym

Incremental Media is pivotal in helping us find the right partners that enable us to connect with our customers. Because they've taken the time to know who we are (and who our customer is), they make it easier to use newsletters and podcasts to target our primary audience in channels we wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Bethany Muths
CMO, Mizzen+Main

Incremental Media has been a great partner in building Positec’s Insert Media program. Their attention to detail, creative direction and experienced guidance helped us develop a new revenue channel. You won’t find better a company that looks out for your brand from day one.

Bragg Swain
Creative Director, Positec