Best Practices

Priorities for Campaign Success 

1. Be Prepared

When you come to us, we both need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to make a new channel part of your core media mix.

2. What Works Best

Our channels can work for any brand, but they typically work best for high ticket items, considered purchases, or a product with a long life-time value like subscription products.  Low-ticket items tend to be less successful…

3. The Basics

It’s most important to hit the right audience, then have the right offer, then have the right creative… in that order.

4. Media Approach

Our philosophy is to test as wide as possible at as low of a frequency as possible to get a read. Once you find success, double down on what’s working and passionately get out of what’s underperforming.

5. Measuring Success

Ensure we have a clear measurement framework in place that everyone is aligned on BEFORE we launch. Measurement is often an afterthought, but it’s critical in our offline world.

6. Be Obsessed

We want clients who are as obsessed about the details as we are. You can get 99 out of 100 things right, but getting one thing wrong can crumble a test. That’s why it’s important to work with subject matter experts like IM that will know how to set the proper foundation of getting a new channel off the ground and who have extensive knowledge and history of getting the best possible rates.

7. Set Realistic Expectations

Launching a new channel takes time. It likely won’t hit all of your goals immediately from the initial test. If 1/3 of the programs are hitting goals, 1/3 are close to goal, and 1/3 are missing goals, you are well on your way to scaling the channel.

8. Creative Approach

To hit performance goals, your creative should focus on your look and feel, but also incorporate direct-response best practices.

9. Test, Test, Test

You should always be testing new creative, headlines, offers, price points, and anything that will help beat your control creative.  If your results are 10-20% below target, you may just be a test away from a successful campaign.

10. Attribution Methodology

Attributable performance should hit your targets, but also realize there is a percentage of sales that are unattributable from people just searching your brand after receiving our ad. Make sure you consider unattributed sales in your overall assessment of the success of your campaign.

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