Insert Media

We buy more inserts than anyone in the US. From package inserts to catalog blow-ins to everything in-between, we can guide you through the process and help you scale this channel cost-effectively.

What Is It?

Online ordering has exploded which gives marketers a rapidly growing space to communicate their messaging.  Incremental Media’s 15+ years of data and history in insert media helps us choose the right insert programs for your audience. By inserting ads into vehicles like packages and billing statements, IM is bringing a new-school approach to a time-tested tactic… and the best part: You drive clearly measurable sales.    

While inserts are very effective, there’s a lot that goes into the campaign process: From printing to shipping to mailing to dozens of insert media suppliers, Incremental Media handles the whole process while bundling your print job with other clients to save you money.

" We tested insert media with several agencies and Incremental Media was the winner hands down. Not only that, they have a great team and are a pleasure to work with. "

George Fettig
Chief Marketing Officer, Euro-Pro

Types Of Inserts

Package Inserts
Catalog Blow-Ins
Billing Statements
Magazine Onserts
Card Decks

Why It Works

Inserts are 10% the cost of direct mail, but generate 20% of the response, which means it typically drives 2x the performance of traditional direct mail. It works so well because you reach a proven buyer so, even in tough economic times, you know they have disposable income. Inserts have minimal clutter compared to digital marketing, which helps you stand out and build your brand. The channel also provides a large ad format to give the consumer a chance to fully understand your product or service and its benefits.  

Marketers can go inside packages for companies based on categories like general merchandise, health, apparel, food, and more.   

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