Direct Mail

Because of its ability to break through the clutter, direct mail is still one of the largest marketing channels. Let the offline marketing experts at IM help you run direct mail the right way. 

What Is It?

Buying lists, developing look-alike models, or leveraging CRM lists and mailing an individual piece of mail to someone’s home.

" I have worked with Incremental Media for many years and I can confidently tell you that very few companies understand the complexities of handling large print runs the way they do. When you work with Incremental Media, you know with confidence your job will be done right and on time. "

Chris Joyaux
Vice President, American Litho

What We Do

We handle direct mail campaigns on behalf of our clients in a full-service capacity, including list selection, creative development, print production, and data management.  We bring a data-driven approach to the entire process.

Types Of Inserts

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What Makes Us Unique

We are data partner agnostic, meaning we can pick the best partner for any specific audience… not be beholden to any data company that only specializes in certain types of data.  We're experts at getting printing efficiencies with our other campaigns and developing creative to stand out in the mailbox.

Why It Works

Banner blindness helps direct mail stick out compared to other forms of marketing.  Direct mail also allows you to reach a highly targeted audience and you have the ability to match back to who you mailed, proving accurate attribution of your investment.  

Curious how to test and scale direct mail?  Contact us!

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