Insert Media

The Challenge

MDHearingAid is the largest D2C hearing aid company in the US with over 600,000 customers. They knew their older audience had limited potential in digital channels but they had tried offline marketing like insert media before and didn’t see encouraging results. Why would Incremental Media’s approach be any different?

The Solution

Incremental Media used its internal database to find programs that would resonate best with MDHearingAid’s target audience, made significant creative improvements based on success with other similar products, and leveraged its deep relationships with insert program managers to get significantly discounted media rates. Ongoing creative testing allows us to continuously optimize the campaign.

The Results

MDHearingAid has been utilizing Incremental Media’s services ever since. Since 2013, we’ve helped MDHearingAid grow, through insert media and a variety of other channels, into the largest direct to consumer hearing aid company in the US.

" Initially, we reached out to Incremental Media due to their reputation in the insert media space. Over time the IM team worked tirelessly to expand our lead volume 3x through numerous media channels. Today we consider Incremental Media more than a media buyer, but rather a partner for our business."

Jason McKinney — Chief Revenue Officer

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