Can brands targeting a 55+ audience acquire new customers on podcasts?

Definitely, but there are unique factors you need to account for.

I’ve noticed an interesting trend recently. Across the dozens of brands we work with, whether it’s a modern DTC brand or a home services brand, one thing is clear: They are starting to prioritize an older audience.  


This may be because consumers are increasingly price conscious in this economy, but in my opinion the reason is clear: The Boomers literally have all of the money.    




With podcasts recently passing $2 billion in ad spend, at Incremental Media we're seeing brands targeting an older audience show an interest in podcast advertising. So, if you are a brand already marketing to seniors, or are a DTC brand considering how to evolve your brand to target this audience, let us walk you through the playbook on how to market to seniors in podcasts.  


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Best Practices


When targeting the 55+ audience in podcasts, there are a few key elements to keep in mind:         

1. Host-Endorsements: Similar to younger-skewing audiences, podcast listeners trust podcast hosts more than any other media personality, so it’s critical to find hosts who connect with your product.  We recently found podcast hosts or their parents who had hearing issues for a hearing aid brand, so if we can find something that niche, you can certainly find hosts who can speak authentically about your brand too.  

         a. Many brands want to just take their pre-recorded radio ads and bring them to podcasts.  The overwhelming majority of the time, this              does not work.  Podcasts aren’t radio, and they shouldn’t be treated that way.  

2. Show Selection: This is the most important piece of the puzzle.  The universe of podcasts that reach an older audience is limited, and the ones that convert at a high rate are even more limited.  Working with an expert in reaching a 55+ consumer in podcasts, like Incremental Media (😊), will help you set yourself up for success.

3. Digital Measurement: Pixel-based measurement companies like Podscribe, Podsights, and Claritas are critical to understanding the success of campaigns.  At a basic level, they put a pixel in the podcast you are advertising in and a pixel on a brand’s website and they can see how many people listen to a podcast, come to a site, and convert.  Many seniors still like to get on a call to purchase a product, but interestingly we’ve seen that podcast listeners are more tech-savvy than most older consumers so the majority of your conversions will convert online.  

4. Offer: Podcast listeners expect a good offer, so make sure you include an enticing offer in your ad copy, ideally something better than your “standard” website offer, so the host can say “I have a special offer just for listeners of my podcast”.  


The Takeaway


There is a playbook to successfully acquiring new customers cost-effectively in podcasts.  This won’t be your most scalable channel for reaching seniors, compared with channels like print, direct mail, and TV, but if you are hungry for a new, high-quality channel, podcasts can definitely hit your customer acquisition goals.  


P.S – We’ve seen very strong results in another niche channel, email newsletters, for the senior audience, especially for brands driving to a lead form (i.e. Home services, insurance, investments, etc.).    


Want to share your thoughts or pick the brain of the author of this piece?  Email Eric Smith at

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