Our Team

Incremental Media has enormous depth in its talent pool. From senior level marketers through support level staff that have held VP positions before joining our team, our clients benefit from our extensive experience in direct marketing, production, creative, operations, and business management.


Dave Smith BIO

Dave Smith

Bob Fox BIO

Bob Fox

Alan Sherman BIO

Alan Sherman

Jane Lefante BIO

Jane Lefante

Eric Smith BIO

Eric Smith

Dina Mangino BIO

Dina Mangino

JoAnna DeGennaro BIO

JoAnna DeGennaro

Barry Levitt BIO

Barry Levitt

Nicole Hajko-Macchia BIO

Nicole Hajko-Macchia

Jennifer Grego BIO

Jennifer Grego

Stephanie Schulman BIO

Stephanie Schulman

Danielle Donofrio BIO

Danielle Donofrio

Dave Weitz BIO

Dave Weitz

Bob Mattia BIO

Bob Mattia

Pauleen Anderson BIO

Pauleen Anderson

Lewis Eldridge BIO

Lewis Eldridge

Gabriela Manfredi BIO

Gabriela Manfredi

Charlene Kastner BIO

Charlene Kastner