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Once we moved into podcasts, it only made sense to offer streaming audio for our clients too. We quickly established strong relationships so we could get the types of preferred rates with streaming audio that we get in other channels. For everyone from the Fortune 500 to D2C startups, we have the resources and expertise to make streaming audio a meaningful channel for our clients.

Eric Smith
Director, Podcast Media
Incremental Media

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Streaming Audio

Streaming AudioStreaming audio has exploded in popularity in the past few years.  Companies like Pandora and Spotify offer both the benefits of the power of audio advertising and the attribution that direct response marketers have come to expect.

Our eyes are dedicated to screens for much of the day. The next frontier for marketers is screenless moments.  Nothing reaches people in those moments better than streaming audio.

Riding the subway.  Working out.  Cooking dinner.  Communicate your message to the right audience with minimal distractions.

What We Do

Streaming AudioWe have deep relationships with all of the major media suppliers and have the knowledge to best select, based on your product and target audience, which companies to test to accomplish your marketing goals.  Most importantly, like all of the channels we handle, we make it possible to spend meaningfully in Streaming Audio, get the most efficient rates, and lean into the newest tech in the industry to ensure you have a clear understanding of campaign performance.

About The Channel

Streaming AudioPandora, Spotify, Sirius, and iHeartRadio all allow for low CPMs, remnant buying, and the ability to target by demographic characteristics like age, gender, income, interest, and even psychographic characteristics like the type of music someone is listening to.  Wouldn’t it be great to reach a health enthusiast while they are listening to their workout playlist? It doesn’t get more contextually relevant than that!

Most platforms even offer creative services at no cost, with tools that offer the ability to create an audio ad that matches the style and tone of the audience you are trying to reach. 

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