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We knew podcasts were a place our audience was spending time but we couldn’t figure out the right approach to reach them there and acquire customers cost-effectively.  The IM team brought their hands-on approach to the podcast channel and it’s delivering results that exceeded our expectations.

Howie Zisser
Head of Marketing
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Why is Podcast Media the Fast-Growing DR Media Channel?

Podcast MediaPodcasts are an opt-in channel with content that the listeners are seeking out. Listeners are more engaged than other channels. They are very loyal to their favorite podcasts and have a strong commitment to their hosts, who are often thought leaders, influencers, and trendsetters. They are highly educated with above-average incomes.

Podcast IconAn astounding 81% of podcast listeners say they pay attention to podcast ads, more than double other media channels. 61% having made a purchase from a podcast ad. The Average Net Promoter Score (a measurement of the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships) is 70 vs. a score of 45 for the overall media industry. Plus, brand recall is over 4X better than other forms of digital advertising.

We Are a Full-Service Podcast Ad Agency

Podcast IconWe partner with our clients to match their brands with the best podcasts, providing highly engaged audiences to build successful direct response campaigns. We work to ensure that campaigns run seamlessly from selecting the right podcasts based on categories of interest and appropriate demographic targets to reviewing the performance history of the hosts and continuation rates on the shows. We also write the ad copy and closely monitor ad reads as well as measure the results to determine how to scale the channel.

About the Podcast Channel

Podcast IconThere are over a half-million podcasts and growing. Roughly 100,000 having ads. About 10,000 of them have large enough circulation to be worth considering and around 1,000 that make up most of the available downloads. We can help you navigate this complex and growing channel, simplifying the process to one point of contact.

With over 90 million listeners and growing rapidly, you can reach your target audience with 30 and 60 second pre-rolls, midrolls, and post-rolls, often running longer with the right host reads. Be careful not to confuse this channel with radio. The targeting abilities are far greater with the ability to market by interest category, demographics, and host reads who can really help “sell” a product through the credibility they have with their audiences. It helps to be disruptive telling innovative stories about your product or service and it’s ideal if your product has strong ratings. Plus, you can test different creative and promo codes just like traditional Direct Response channels.

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