Dave Smith is a talented marketing professional who quickly helped us to significantly reduce our marketing cost to acquire new customers. He is an accomplished and dedicated professional.

Charles Dolan
Chairman of Cablevision
Founder of HBO


Print opportunities afford direct marketers many options including large mass market publications with very low CPMs that reach general audiences, magazines that can target identifiable niche groups, and newspapers that offer the ability to target geographically – with many newspapers offering an alternative to reach customers on a cost/call basis. Incremental Media is well versed in all areas of print and can recommend a media strategy designed around the goals of each client’s needs.


Huge publications with circulations in excess of 10 million offer opportunities to reach large-scale groups with broad appeal products and services. Since we buy billions of circulation annually, it enables us to offer our clients low single-digit CPMs, making this a cost-effective media channel.

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We have access to hundreds of publications, from larger general interest and women’s publications to smaller targeted niche publications. Depending on what you are marketing, there are many options available.

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For those marketers with broad-based general offers that appeal to mass audiences often skewing on the older side, newspaper ROP (Run of Press) advertising is a good option to consider. The ROP approach gives newspaper publishers the ability to use the ad where they need to fill space and, in return, many publications are willing to do it on a Cost/Call basis where the advertiser pays only for qualified calls over a certain duration. Since there is very little risk involved, this is a great way to test newspaper media.

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