Digital CPA Deals

Dave is one of those rare individuals who understands the direct and interactive marketing spectrum, from strategy to creative and offer to media selection.

Bob Wientzen
Former CEO
Direct Marketing Association

Our focus is to provide cost-effective customer acquisition opportunities for our clients. By negotiating favorable CPA (Cost Per Action) deals with large online publishers, we can accomplish our objective for clients while limiting the up-front risk since you only pay for a specific “action.” An action is defined as a lead, an appointment, or a direct sale. Banner ads, email marketing, and search engine marketing are all used to generate CPA deals. Any combination of these techniques can be utilized.

A variety of different sized banner and display ads across a range of sites are used to drive traffic to landing pages. Actions are tracked via a unique pixel used as an identifier to credit the transaction back to its original source.

Publishers with opt-in databases can deliver your message to qualified prospects. When you supply us with an opt-out file to be used for suppression, we can prevent people from receiving the promotion who have already indicated that they do not wish to receive communications.


Paid and organic search are an extremely efficient way to generate cost-effective CPA deals. We cover all the major search engines to ensure maximum coverage and can also target geographically if needed.