Digital Cost/Call Deals

Dave is one of those rare individuals who understands the direct and interactive marketing spectrum, from strategy to creative and offer to media selection.

Bob Wientzen
Former CEO
Direct Marketing Association

It’s becoming more prevalent to utilize offline media to drive online sales and to use the internet to generate offline activity. Driving calls to a call center where a live representative can speak with a prospective customer yields conversion rates that tend to be much higher than online. If you know your typical phone conversion rates, you can calculate what sort of cost/acquisition you can expect.

Mobile search, traditional desktop search, banners, and email marketing can all be used to generate calls for cost/call deals.

Mobile allows a phone number or link to be clicked which will immediately launch a call, making it a very desirable technique to generate cost/call deals.

SEM generates very targeted prospects for cost/call deals since the prospective customer is looking for your product or service. Phone numbers would be included in the text of your listing.

Phone numbers can be included in the banner ad itself or on a landing page that the banner drives the prospects to, generating cost/call activity.

Phone numbers can be included in the email ad itself or on a landing page that the ad drives the prospect to, generating cost/call activity.