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“When I first heard about the concept I knew it was a no-brainer but once I saw the results, I was blown away.  Out of all my marketing efforts, this is by far the most profitable spend targeted at new customer acquisition. Incremental Media makes this an easy turnkey solution that anyone with significant web traffic should be doing.”

Jason McKinney
VP of Marketing


Turn Your Anonymous Web Browsers into New Customers

Imagine… if you could capture the mailing address of the people who browse your website, score their browsing activity, and select the most qualified candidates to promote to, all in real time.

Consider the Potential… of combining this information with the ability to digitally print a postcard and vary the offer, image, and copy based on each individual’s browsing habits.

It’s Now Possible… and it’s cost-effective and it’s easy to implement. You’ve invested a lot of money to drive visitors to your website who never buy. Capitalize on that investment and use direct mail, still the most responsive channel, to close the sale for these qualified prospects.

How Does It Work?
Turnkey Solution
Additional Retargeting for Inbound Calls
Additional Retargeting for Email Unsubs
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How Does It Work?

Address Identification
A single line of code is placed on the pages of your website. Then, utilizing cookie technology that enables the matching of a browser’s computer, cell phone or tablet to a database, a reverse look up of the postal address associated with that device is accomplished.

Scoring of Web Browser Activity
The same technology used in digital retargeting online is used to review each visitor’s browsing history. Someone who comes to the home page for 30 seconds and leaves receives a lower score than someone who does a deep dive into many pages of the site. A browser who spends more time looking at one product over another can be targeted accordingly. As a campaign progresses, more data is gathered and scoring is fine tuned.

Data Modeling
Data is collected and a customized model is built to determine the likelihood of a prospect to purchase. This information is used to determine the most responsive prospects to mail.

Digital Printing
By utilizing digital printing, each piece that is printed can be personalized, enabling the marketer to produce postcards and direct mail pieces targeted to the browsing patterns of each individual.

Timeliness of the Promotion
By using First Class Postage, you can reach the web browser within days. Someone who visits today has a postcard printed and mailed tomorrow and received in 1-3 days. The timeliness helps to increase response rates and return on investment.

Turnkey Solution

Project Management
We manage the entire process. The only thing you need to do is place one line of code that we provide on each page of your website.

Optimization and Model Scoring
Our team analyzes the browsing activity of all web visitors and determines the best prospects to mail.

Privacy Policy Guidance
We provide recommended wording to add to your privacy policy to help ensure compliance with industry privacy standards.

Creative Development
We develop the creative and recommend offers to produce the most responsive piece.

Printing and Mailing
Utilizing the best digital printing options, we will print and distribute pieces to your prospects on a daily basis.

Optional Customer Suppression
If the objective is new customer acquisition, you can provide your customer file to a third party service bureau to prevent postcards from being mailed to existing customers. If your goal is customer reactivation, this step is not necessary.

Campaign Management
We will monitor and report on your results. Tracking can be via 800#s, variable web URL’s, promo codes, or data matchback against those individuals who received postcards.

Provide Rollout Strategies
Based on the results produced, we will recommend optimization strategies for data selection, creative
testing, offer, and copy.


Additional Retargeting for Inbound Calls

Incremental Media offers the same retargeting program for promotional calls that come into your call center, doing a reverse lookup of the postal address associated with the inbound phone number. The timing and the process is the same, with postcards being generated the next day for callers who do not convert. It’s a logical extension of the program for companies with significant call volume.

Additional Retargeting for Email Unsubs

We can take your unsubscribed email list and generate a postal address match. The timing and process is the same, with postcards being generated the next day. Incremental Media can turn your unsubscribers into new or reactivated customers.

Capitalize on the Web Visitors, Calls, and Unsubscribed Emails You’ve Generated… Convert Them from Prospects to New Customers Today!

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