Campaign Management

What I appreciate about Incremental Media is that they have proven their expertise to us and we can trust that their recommendations are in our best interest.

Todd Chesnos
Senior Marketing Manager

Reporting and Analysis

campaign-managementAt the heart of our success is the fact that we are obsessive about having a deep understanding of media and analytics – what works and what doesn’t. We track the results of each toll-free number and variable web URL used in every media program that runs each month. By analyzing the data, we gain extensive knowledge about which programs pull the best for a variety of offers, helping us to find winners right out of the gate. We also use this historical data to project how a campaign will perform and show clients the ROI on both the test campaigns as well as future rollout campaigns when rates are significantly lower. This can be instrumental in taking a marginal campaign over the top to make it profitable.

Turnkey Operations

We also handle every aspect of campaign management, from shipping printed materials to a wide variety of locations and warehouses to setting up campaigns from an operational standpoint with variable toll-free numbers and web URLs for each program. We’ll make sure the entire process runs smoothly, provide results and media recommendations on what to continue, what to cancel, and what new testing to do based on the results. This is all done proactively. We’re aggressive on behalf of our clients to make sure they get the media that is providing high ROI and we are equally aggressive to get out of media that is not working. Our philosophy to treat our client’s money as if it is our own gives our clients a confidence level that their media investments are being well managed.